Days to come, and days gone by,
I sit here and wonder why.
Many things life has to hold,
Many things have been untold.
I seem to be just a small part,
Of Gods plan from the start.
Many people in need of him,
If it were me, my patience would run thin.
Caring, giving, loving and true,
God loves us all, not just me and you.
He's always here during the roughest times,
We never notice him when things are fine.
Stop and think with me today,
When was the last time you knelt to pray?
I won't condemn you and neither will he,
Only because of the compassion in me.
He walks and talks with me I know,
He wants to do the same for you also.
It's as easy as saying one, two, three,
Accept him now and live eternally.

Linda D. Smith

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